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Tina & Kyle Pakka USA 2019 3 safari’s, Botswana/Victoria falls/South Africa and 2 Kenya safari's

We used Africa Private Safaris twice now and had an amazing experience.  We have been on others safaris before that we booked through larger, better-known company, and found them to not be as helpful. They just tried to book us into their properties and had no interest in trying to match our trip with what we wanted.  I think booking with a smaller company is nice because they tend to put more effort into finding the best trip for you. Monic was suggested to us by two other couples who have used her in the past, so we trusted them that everything would be okay…and it was more than that.

Monic was so helpful in finding just the right safari to meet our needs.  She found us the traditional classic safari with luxurious tents, open-air vehicles and everything else you would want. A tailor made safari. The best part it wasn’t over priced like some safaris are.  Monic was quick to respond to our emails whenever we had any questions, plus she sent us photos of some of the places we would be visiting.  That way we had an idea what our safari might be like. Since she has been in the business for a long time and visited all the locations, It makes it easy for her to piece together a safari to suit your budget, and style. On our first safari we were in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana and South Africa. It was a safari with another couple.  Sadly this couple had no desire to sleep in a tented lodge, so Monic found us places to stay that had that classic safari feel, but not inside a tented room.  We stayed in five different places on this safari.  Monic set up all of our transports for us, and it all worked like clockwork.

On the second safari we booked through Monic, we stayed in Kenya for the migration. We were a group of friends traveling together, and one of the members of our group had just celebrated her eleventh birthday, which she was thrilled with the safari.  She couldn’t believe that she could see all the different types of animals that we were able to, plus by being in a smaller sized open game vehicle there was no one blocking her view.  The experience was just magical.  We now just booked a third safari, our second Kenya safari!

Theo van Iperen Netherlands 2nd safari… Tanzania first, second safari Kenya.

After a first trip to Tanzania for me that was a great experience, Monic arranged the most incredible trip to Kenya you can image for our family of 4. Summer 2017. First we visited the Samburu Reserve, staying at the magnificent Saruni Samburu, with beautiful staff, nice food, and most important the great views over the plains, with elephants grazing underneath you while you are enjoying an out door shower. Monic arranged an unforgettable bush dinner for us, which means having diner at sunset, with only the four of us, with white table linnen, candles and a big camp fire, good food, ending in an incredible see of stars around us, and a game drive to the water hole under the lodge, where rhino’s and elephants where passing by. Our next stop was the Mara North conservancy, where we stayed in Saruni Wild, in the middle of the huge Mara plains. We were welcomed with a bush lunch next to the hippo’s bathing in their pool. We made incredible morning, day and night game drives from the camp, which brought us to a river crossing of wildebeasts, the birth of a baby eliphant, the hunt of a lepard, and much, much more. It was amazing and also our daugthers of 13 and 17 did enjoy every minute of it.

We ended our two weeks of lasting memories at Ocean Spa Lodge, at the tranquil Indian Ocean. A beautiful ocean resort, with a great beach, good food, nice people and a lot of things to do. We joined two fisherman on their day trip, visited the neigbouring village by foot, and made a nice snorkling excursion. But you don’t have to, as the ocean and the pool are very inviting and rewarding too. Monic without doubt was the silent power behind our great experience in Kenya. Her personal involvement to your trip, living in the country, knowing the lodges and staff personally make her a great agent to arrange your stay in Kenia and abroad. Her personal commitment ensures you a great experience and is a good safety net for whenever things don’t go the way you want. Like when one of our daughters got ill and Monic arranged all necessary for the staff to take care of her and for her quick recovery. We can recommend Monic without any hesitation for everyone who is looking for an unforgettable African safari experience.

Brigitte Bessems Netherlands 2 safari’s, Namibia, Kenya

Africa Private Safaris organised a great self-drive tour in Namibia for us. Everything was well organized in detail. The small lodges with outstanding service as well as the locations were breathtakingly beautiful. The cooperation with Monic to come to a tour with a personal touch, went very smoothly. In addition to expert advice, there is enough room for personal input. This beautiful country lends itself to self-drive from lodge to lodge, which adds to the adventurous character. 

Earlier we already enjoyed an amazing luxury fly-in safari in Kenya with Africa Private Safaris. Both trips left a deep impression and a great memory. As an avid world traveler, I dare say that she is one of the best in this area.

Daphne Hardeman Netherlands travelling with her parents Tom & Alice Hardemans and 2 siblings - 2 safari’s; Kenya, second safari Namibia.

"With my parents and brothers I was able to make a wonderful trip through Kenya, thanks to Monic who advised and helped us. It was my mother's dream to go to Africa from an early age. And because of the beautifully composed journey our heart has been conquered. During our trip we looked forward to the beautiful nature, animals and last but not least, a very different kind of culture. During the trip we had personal guides and drivers who knew everything about the animals. They looked at the ground and could see the tracks of the animals. That way they knew exactly which animal had walked where and when. On our first day in Samburu we experienced a cheetah kill ourselves, which was of course very special. In the Mara, me and my mother enjoyed a lovely massage, and a huge house for our family. We had personal service here in our house, it was still a certain "royal" atmosphere gave. Also let go of a wild buffalo, which you could pet. The lodge had taken care of this buffalo as a baby, and never left. Sometimes it was also in the shop and threw everything on, which was very funny. We also slept in tents in the middle of the nature park. Here you heard nice stories about elephants drinking the "shower" water. While you were sleeping you could sometimes hear the lions roar. It was sometimes quite exciting, but a very nice experience. Above all, it was a journey to remember, certainly one for the books. And if it were up to me, I would do the same trip again in no time.”


Together with our family I was allowed to make a 2nd tour through Africa in Namibia! Because the previous trip was mainly focused on wildlife, we have now made a different kind of trip through the Sossusvlei, Death valley and cape cross. It was very different, but so beautiful! We really enjoyed the different kinds of nature. One moment it was very dry and dead and the next moment you were on the coast, where there were thousands of seals. It was a very nice and varied trip.

Anne & Dave phillimore UK 2018 safari Kenya

'Monic -. We both think it was the best holiday we have had and would go to all the places again, oa Elephant bedroom Samburu, Il Moran. Everything went super smoothly and the surprises were a huge bonus. Was lovely to catch up with you on location and we had some great safari buddies and saw amazing animals - brilliant! Thank you so much for fixing us! Anne & Dave

Bareld Meijering Netherlands 2nd safari East Africa.

She gave us a safari we will never forget. Monic is in one word a super organizer. She collected our wishes, made several proposals based on rich experience and consulted us for our trip. Even when the trip started she was always available for questions.

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