'Give me the life I love; a bed in the bush with stars to see'.

R. L. Stevenson, Songs of Travel 'the vagabond'


Masai Mara, home of Africa's big cats, is the region of Africa where you are most likely to an encounter with one of these beautiful creatures. It is the place in Africa where the BBC has been filming their famous 'Big Cat Diary' show for years. 'On safari in the beautiful wide planes of the Masai Mara we ran into Queenie's daughter. The cheetah has obviously taken over her mothers habits: she uses the hood of our car to search for prey. We look at her in admiration while she sits there right in front of us in all her graceful beauty, while her cubs are playing around our jeep. We stay together for hours enjoying the silence and the serenity of the breathtaking wide open plaines of the Masai Mara.

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