'Ochre glow and a light breaks through from the sea’.

Poet Ingrid Jonker;
‘I repeat you’. Recited by Nelson Mandela in his inauguration speech.

Photo: www.zeelandhuysopikopi.co.za
& Jos Donders

South Africa

We just started our game drive in Exeter Sabi Sand and already see our first white rhinos. When the sun sets and disappears from the horizon our ranger, Chris, tells us that the infamous male lion coalition has been spotted. We start looking for them in the dark. Incredible! A lion coalition of 6 male lions! We follow them through the darkness and stay with them for a while. It is impressive to see them move through the night, like ghosts in the darkness. It was ominous but at the same time magical. That night a gigantic thunderstorm breaks out over the bush. Beautiful sparkling fire works paints the sky. This was definitely a fitting end of a magical day.

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