Naughty elephants

I have experienced many special moments with elephants over the years. See also the blog stories about Babylon our acquaintance in 2008 and the close friendship that arose afterwards where she always came at me when she saw me. And after her death (she was the oldest matriarch around 58) an event that I will never forget when I ride on Gir gir plains and a young bull elephant is tearing himself away from his herd, from a very large group of elephants that came from the river...

Monkey business

Over the years I can certainly say that I have experienced quite a few funny situations with monkeys - vervet monkeys. Especially during lunch or when you think you can relax at the pool, or relax with your cup of tea or coffee in the morning in front of your tented room or lodge in the bush...If you pay attention there are a few lurking eyes fixed on the milk jug, or the sugar bowl.

A most amazing meaningful encounter with a young bull elephant.

its early morning as I arrive Gir Gir planes, Samburu reserve. In the corner of my eye I see a huge amount of elephants, 80 at least coming from the river! This means several herds have hooked up. I so love it when this happens. Usually around this time of year (November December) when the first drops of life have hit the barren soils and we are blessed with rains!

Elephant encounters a storm and memories of a day in the bush

it was an early morning last April in the fabulous East African rainy season. Sun was shining, I had my lunch packed and both Sorovina and I were in good spirits! I love those early mornings in the bush. The colors...the scents, sounds....the fresh soft morning breeze through my hair when we slowly drive through the bush.