A most amazing meaningful encounter with a young bull elephant.

its early morning as I arrive Gir Gir planes, Samburu reserve. In the corner of my eye I see a huge amount of elephants, 80 at least coming from the river! This means several herds have hooked up. I so love it when this happens.

Usually around this time of year (November December) when the first drops of life have hit the barren soils and we are blessed with rains! I slowly drive up and place my jeep where i know they will come-heading for the hills in the distance…I switch the engine off…Soon i am surrounded-they are all around me. A small herd is passing in the distance, but than I see one young bull breaking lose….and walking straight up to my car? When he reaches me he lowers his head. How peculiar for him to do that? Our eyes lock…I can’t believe it… the gentile look- the emotion - it does not hit me at that time…. than and steps back a bit and he puts his trunk on the hood of my car!!! Than it hits me- there was only one elephant who would ALWAYS do this since 2008. Her name was Babylon- oldest female in Samburu Reserve- matriarch of the Biblical towns herd…. She would always come and greet me whenever i ran into her and her herd. She passed away around a year ago- beginning of December (around age 58). There is NO doubt in my mind-sitting there this must be her off spring- that she taught that i am a friend. The trunk on my hood-she always did this- i have had quite a few magical encounters-but this particular one dan only mean ONE thing- its her family. I get in touch with the researchers and find out that indeed- that morning Biblical town herd passed through… now headed by Tel Aviv as matriarch…what an amazing moment. i so miss my old friend- that she obviously communicated to her off spring that i am a friend- is just beyond words- its not a first time that i see information passed on through elephants and of course researchers have seen the same. They are incredibly intelligent, gentile so social. As i sit there in the heat of the African sun in my car… , digesting what just happened, two young bulls playing end up next to my car, even bump into my car whilst playing…True bush bliss that fills my heart with so much joy. Thank you Babylon for passing this legacy onto your herd. Babylons first encounter see former post.

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