Monkey business

Over the years I can certainly say that I have experienced quite a few funny situations with monkeys - vervet monkeys. Especially during lunch or when you think you can relax at the pool, or relax with your cup of tea or coffee in the morning in front of your tented room or lodge in the bush...If you pay attention there are a few lurking eyes fixed on the milk jug, or the sugar bowl.

If you don't get there quickly, you can be sure that they will disappear in one go with in blink of an eye. And if you don't pay attention, the empty one ends up on your head, because it is thrown down from the tree or roof after eating it. I was sitting in front of my tented room in the early morning for my game drive when a vervet monkey thought he could run away with my milk, but soon had to let go of the pot screaming... because it was unfortunately for him not the cold mil but my super hot teapot.

At breakfast or lunch there is always a vervet monkey in the neighborhood who is about to take off with your bread roll. By the way, I'm now well prepared for that and it rarely happens to me now that I am take by surprise. I watched with amazement at the swimming pool of a logde how a vervet was feasting on an alcoholic drink…! A glass of wine... even came back for glass two after it got replaced..?!

The lodge guest in question from the spoilt drink, meanwhile frustrated by the glass of wine that had been lost and therefore had switched to a Bloody mary lies in the pool relaxing when the vervet reappeared ... I don't believe it …this vervet took a sip of the Bloody mary ... did not move a muscle (in contrast to the baby vervet who took a sip of the Tabasco from the picture below) and continue to feast on the glass in peace before the person concerned could reach his glass, all in great entertainment of other guests at the pool. I suspect that this vervet has finished his afternoon highly intoxicated. I always make sure that my drinks are well protected and wont have easy access for monkeys. I usually hide my sandwiches under a napkin and in the jeep make sure that if i carry food at all its in a sealed bag. They sometimes say 'never a boring day in the bush' and I can really confirm that!

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